To promote professionalism via continuous knowledge update and skills improvement of engineers in the art, science, practice and management of engineering


The Divisions/Institutions has two major groups of members which are Corporate and  Affiliates.

While Corporate Membership, Affiliate Membership is. 

Membership Categories

    1. Corporate: Comprises of Fellows and Corporate Members
    2. Affiliate: Comprises of Associate, Graduate, Student, Corporate firm and Honourary Fellow.

Corporate Membership of the Division/Institution, that is Fellows and Members, confers professional recognition and is acceptable by NSE &COREN for registration purposes.

Membership Qualification Criteria

    1. Corporate: is open to all who possess qualifications that are acceptable by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
    2. Affiliates: is open to Graduates or Students who shall have undergone or be undergoing a course of study in engineering registrable with COREN or those possessing a University degree in the sciences allied to engineering Science or Qualifications approved by NSE Council or Honourary Fellows of the Division/Institution


Membership Registration

    1. Eligibility Criteria: Every Engineer resident and practicing in Nigeria shall be eligible for registration provided he/she does not belong to more than two Divisions of the Nigeria Society of Engineers already.

Also, students and graduates of Engineering who are registrable with Nigerian Society of   Engineers are eligible too.

To Register

    1. Download the Registration Form Here.
    2. Fill it comprehensively and follow all instructions therein.
    3. Pay N8,500 to AutoEI Zenith Bank Account No. 1013192078
    4. Forward your filled form, copies of your credentials and deposit slip to the National Headquarters.