Aims and Objectives

    1. To promote professionalism and updating the knowledge and skill of engineers in the art, science, practice and management of engineering.
    2. To promote, protect, encourage and maintain a high standard of engineering study and practice and to encourage efficiency therein.
    3. To provide opportunities for interaction amongst members of the Division/Institution and between them and others in the field of engineering through provision of facilities for presentation and discussion of technical papers, arrangement and promotion of visits to industrial establishments and places of engineering interest, and through lectures and publication of technical journals on engineering.
    4. To promote professional ethics, welfare and benevolence among members of the Division according to its environment and circumstances.
    5. To ensure that practice of Engineering meets National and International standards
    6. To ensure that Engineering firms and establishments practice Automotive & Locomotive Engineering according to the rules and regulations of COREN;
    7. To promote friendly interaction and mutual understanding among members of the Division/Institution and other professional Bodies
    8. To protect the rights and interest of members.

To promote professionalism via continuous knowledge update and skills improvement of engineers in the art, science, practice and management of engineering